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Personal Injury & Accidents

People can seek damages from others if they are wrongfully injured by the law. One of the most broad areas of law is the circumstances under which a person seeks damages in court for property, mental, reputational or physical damage, whether it was caused by someone else, a company or a municipality. Lawyers and others may refer to this area as “tort law.” It deals with injuries to the body and mind of individuals, also known as personal injury law.

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What is a "tort?"

Tort is when one person wrongfully acts and causes injury to another. An injury could result from a fall, car accident, a malfunctioning item, a botched procedure, false accusations or poisoning by toxic chemical, police misconduct, illegal serving of alcohol to minors, criminal activity, and many other causes. There are many possible causes of torts. The most important aspect of a tort, however, is the injury. Even if someone acts wrongly, there is no tort.

  • Example: You slip on a wet floor at a grocery store. No tort or personal injury case can be filed if you are able to get up and walk away, regardless of how negligent the store was in cleaning its floors.
  • Example: You are driving through a red light and you fall to the ground. You can walk away from the accident with no injuries, regardless of what the driver did.

Civil lawsuits can be filed by victims of the wrongdoing of others to recover financial damages.

What can a personal-injury lawyer do for me?

There is a very short time frame for filing a claim for damages due to personal injury. No matter your age or situation, an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you determine the facts of your case and file your claim promptly to allow you to recover all damages you suffered due the negligence of another party.