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Labor Law

The regulation of the workplace has increased over the past few decades in the United States. Numerous federal and state statutes such as the Family Medical Leave Act and Fair Labor Standards Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act set out strict guidelines for employment procedures that affect both employees and employers. It is crucial that you consult an employment lawyer for all workplace-related matters, as the network of state, federal and local regulations becomes more complicated.

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Representation of Employers

In 1888, the United States Congress passed the first federal employment law. More than 180 federal laws now govern how employers must treat employees. Employers must also comply with the employment laws of every state within the Union.


Federal employment laws govern every aspect of the employee-employer relationship. This includes hiring, training, working and paying. How can employers, particularly small- to medium-sized businesses, keep up with changing employment law landscapes? How can employers make sure that their employment decisions do not land them in hot water with the federal and state governments?

An experienced employment and labor lawyer will tell you that counseling and preventative advice is the best way to ensure employers don’t violate state or federal employment laws. Our attorneys work closely alongside employers and human resource professionals to ensure that their businesses comply with all applicable federal and state laws.

The following are the matters that our law firm can advise businesses of all sizes and types:

  • Employment agreements include confidentiality agreements and clauses that prohibit competition
  • To disseminate company policies, rules and regulations to employees, create employee handbooks
  • Employment discrimination, including disability discrimination
  • Medical leave for the family
  • Hour and wage laws
  • Sexual harassment

We are familiar with employment litigation and can assist you in hearing Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearings or Department of Labor investigations if there are any claims against your company. We will assist you in preparing the documentation and contacting the authorities.


Represent employees

It can be difficult and daunting to understand and obtain your rights at work. Employers have more legal resources than employees because they have lawyers on staff and human resource teams on the ground. We are familiar with the legal strategies used by large and small employers, and can provide employees with effective counsel to protect their rights.

Our firm can review your employment contract. During our review, we will evaluate the terms of any bonuses, salary, commissions, bonuses, nonsolicitation covenants, and non-compete agreements. We will help you negotiate or litigate to modify the terms of your agreement if they are not suitable or equitable.